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Bitclout Price Widget!

I found it on Coin Market cap. It looks like this in code <script type=”text/javascript” src=”files.coinmarketcap.com/static/widget/currency.js“></script><div class=”coinmarketcap-currency-widget” data-currencyid=”10442″ data-base=”USD” data-secondary=”” data-ticker=”true” data-rank=”true” data-marketcap=”true” data-volume=”true” data-statsticker=”true” data-stats=”USD”></div>

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$ZoomClouter On Bitclout @Aggrojus & @DawaynePerza

We discuss a lot in this chat. @DawaynePerza @Aggrojus (on Bitclout) has a Bitclout Dev Node up and running and is working on some VR/AR multiverse concepts that sound totally revolutionary!   We also discuss a project called @Cloutible (on Bitclout). I am hoping to develop but still working out conceptualizing. The basic concept is […]

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Onboarding Guide For Bitclout

You might be asking “What is Bitclout?” and “Why do I need an Onboarding Guide?” It is probably best to start with what Bitclout it. And then we will get into the other details. What Is Bitclout BitClout is a social network built using open-sourced blockchain technology. BitClout is also the native currency you use […]

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Resources that you must have on Bitclout!

Are you new to bitclout? Here are some Resources that you must have on Bitclout! @bitswap Buy & Sell CLOUT for ETH Despite the new exchange on Blockchain.com for $clout. @bitswap are still going to be trying to make true defi available for more people that want to embrace the meaning of defi. I have heard […]

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A Discussion on the Future of BitClout (Post Deflation Bomb)

A Discussion on the Future of BitClout (Post Deflation Bomb)   “Where do you think BitClout will be within the next 1, 2, or 5 years? Will it see mass adoption or remain a niche community? Once BitClout hits the exchange, will there be a difference in price? How will it be affected?” @JoshBelland   […]

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Why Bitclout rocks. Hypothetically I could tag Pamela Anderson. Watch this.

Let’s see if she interacts? See post here.   POST  

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New to BitClout? Here is the first 1st, 2nd, and 3rd thing to do.

Here is the first 1st, 2nd, and 3rd thing to do if you are new to bitclout! #1 Create your account. Create your account. If you are here I don’t want to assume that you have already done that. So Create your account is number one of course. You will do that at Bitclout.com. To […]

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